Everybody grieves differently.

Our Story

In 2009 my husband Jeff and I found ourselves lost in the chaos of grief after the unexpected death of our daughter Angelica during her delivery. We felt alone and without any idea how to deal with what we were feeling. No one should ever feel alone. I received a call from a trusted friend who guided us to a support group and on to the bereavement centre in the community where we were living at the time. The people we met there became our lifeline to coping with and navigating through the long road of grief that was set before us. When we moved back to Newmarket, the community I grew up in, we realized that although there were many valuable grief support resources, there was no one central place where people could go to reach out for help. Oasis is the dream of Founder and Chair, Michelle Nye.

In a time of crisis after the death of a loved one and at any point in the journey that follows, the search for support should be uncomplicated. Oasis is here to help you find your way. 


Our Mission

To help all members of the York Region community navigate their grief journey by providing a central network of safe and valuable resources and support.

Our Vision

To uncover and honour grief as a normal and healthy process that is vital to living with purpose and meaning after a loved one has died.